Perforated Vinyl: A Top 5 Large Format Digital Printing

The micro-perforated vinyl -also known as windows- is one of the most widely used digital format printing supports for the labeling and decoration of windows since the graphic allows the image to be projected to the exterior while maintaining the entrance of natural light to the establishment and visibility from within. From the outside, however, you can see a perfectly vinyl continuous surface with a high definition graphic that is not distorted by small perforations.

This useful visual effect is achieved by adding three characteristics: a matrix of almost imperceptible micro-perforations, a white outer film on which it is printed, and a black back with which the effect of transparency is achieved from the inside.

Another of its advantages is the ease of application compared to standard vinyl since, being perforated, removal of air is very simple. In addition, due to the type of adhesive with which it is manufactured, its removal is more agile and clean as it does not leave residues on the glass surfaces.

It can be used in interior applications, although it is especially effective outdoors, especially in those places where it is applied as an advertising claim, helping to boost sales and brand image.

The microperforated vinyl is extremely versatile and can be used for the labeling and promotion of sectors as diverse as banking, pharmacy, transportation, insurance, clinics, fashion, etc., in applications such as:

  • Business windows
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Window dressing
  • Urban signage and advertising
  • Offices
  • Interior decoration

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If you want to know more about other interchangeable graphic supports that we work with, such as repositionable adhesives or microventosa vinyl, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you choose the best one for your project.